PigeonForge Family Fun at Rockin' Raceway

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Fun For Kids

Designed like an old fashioned juke box outside, you can't miss this fabulous arcade filled with so many things for kids to do. The games and video action rides inside will help them to totally forget about school for a while and let them feel the freedom of being the true game masters that they are. It's a known fact that the military needs the fast hand-eye coordination that these games develop and you just might have one of the next 5 star generals in your family! Don't hesitate as they come back for more tokens because this is their chance to shine as they show mom and dad how truly awesome they are!

With a slick road course track and an arcade unlike any other you've seen, Rockin' Raceway is the place to be for Pigeon Forge family fun! This extreme slick track, will give you a chance for slippin' and slidin' around the hairpin curves. Designed with fun in mind, this little road course will keep your family or group entertained and thrilled as you navigate your way around one of the best family fun places in Pigeon Forge!

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Pigeon Forge Zip Lines

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On the Parkway
Between lights 3 and 4
next to the
"3 Bears Gift Shop"

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Family Fun Places

With go karts outside and gaming action inside there are plenty of things for kids to do and that makes Rockin' one of the best family fun places around! If they are too little drive a go kart themselves that's not a problem, just get a double seated kart and put them in their favorite place to be in the whole world, right next to you!

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Things for kids to do

When it comes to Pigeon Forge attractions Rockin' Raceway is one of the best! The massive arcade alone contains enough things for kids to do but when their little fingers get to sore from gaming all they have to do is go outside and hop in a go kart! Since gripping a steering wheel is different than a game controller it won't be long till the fingertips heal and they can get back on the joysticks for a while!


Our family of entertainment centers has grown into some of the best and most visited Pigeon Forge attractions in the Smokies. We have developed a system of putting together a staff that puts safety first and treating each of our valued guests in a friendly and respectful manner. We want every visit to every location to be great for your family or group. We hope not only to keep you as customers but, hope to get to know you all as friends.

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